Troop 442 is dedicated to helping scouts, scouters, hikers, mountain bikers, nature lovers, and others enjoy the historical trails of the American West. More specifically, we have selected trails that travel in and through Utah based on their historical significance in shaping the foundations of the west. To that end, Troop 442 took the challenge to research and develop background & history, suggested trips, trail quizzes, and awards for each trail. Our Crew wants to share the enjoyment and reverence we feel for each of these trails with other scout troops, varsity teams, venturing crews, and other youth groups.

Currently, the trails selected include the California Trail, the Mormon Trail, and the Pony Express Trail. Each of these trails helped moved settlers, pioneers, traders, religious believers, and miners across North America. Each trail provided a sense of hope and new beginning for those people who needed a fresh start, refuge from oppression, or a chance at living the American Dream.

To help scouts, hikers, bikers, and other people understand why the trails are historically significant, each trail has requirements to be completed before submitting an application for the associated Historic Trail Medal. The requirements include reviewing the history of each trail to teach important events along with the people who blazed the trail and why the trail was followed by many people. Additionally, we would like people to visit the trail to see the conditions with which the pioneers dealt with every day while traveling on the trail. Through this physical connection with each historical trail, we hope to inspire a reverence for those who have gone before us. We hope to instill a sense of appreciation for the hardships, sacrifice, and strength of character required by those early pioneers to travel westward in search of new hope.

The information for each trail includes a suggested trip. However, the requirements can be fulfilled anywhere along each trail in any state the trail passes through. Most of the trails run the entire length of the United States. Thus, everyone is invited to spend some time in the great outdoors and earn a medal while doing it.

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Map of Historic Trails across the U.S.A.

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Our Goal

Present an opportunity to experience a piece of our western heritage and live a bit of American history

The Challenge

Follow in the footsteps of early pioneers and trail blazers in order to understand some of the hardship, sacrifice, and strength of character required to travel westward

The Reward

Lasting memories of remarkable beauty and grandeur of the great outdoors while enjoying a fun and enlightening adventure all commemorated with a very nice medal to say you went the distance