The Pony Express Trail


There are many stories of the brave Pony Express Trail riders who rode around the clock carrying the U.S. Mail across the wilderness. They remind us that the settlement of the West was made possible by people of great character and foresight. These Pony Express Trail riders were ready to make the supreme sacrifice for their country.

"Thats quit a ride ya made there, young feller"

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Award Requirements


A.Camp 2 days and 1 night along or in the vicinity of the trail.
B. Travel the Trail Using One or More of the Choices Below
1.Hike 10 Miles
2.Cycle 15 Miles or Mountain Bike 10 miles
3.Horseback ride 10 Miles
4.Canoe, raft, kayak or paddle 10 miles
C.Study the History of the Trail and Complete the Trail Quiz
D.Visit an Interpretive Center or Historic Marker